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The preferred electricians for homes and businesses.

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Progressive Security & Electrical are a locally owned team of electricians in Newcastle, serving the entire Hunter region to meet your electrical needs. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we bring expertise and reliability to every project. Our on-call electricians are ready 24/7 to assist you, ensuring prompt attention whenever you require it. We offer a complimentary 10-minute assessment of your home’s electrical setup, aiming to identify any potential issues. Before proceeding with any work, we provide a clear description of the tasks involved, the expected timeframe for completion and the projected cost.

We know that things don’t always go as planned. So, on the off chance that the original plan requires some change that then impacts the completion time frame or the cost then we will always notify you immediately and get approval before going any further. Making sure you have all of the information at the earliest possible opportunity to be able to make informed decisions for you, your home or business.

Progressive Security & Electrical are committed to providing the highest quality on all electrical work we undertake. Our team consists of fully insured, qualified and professional licensed electricians, each with a decade of industry experience. In a case of emergencies, we offer same-day repair services when possible, depending on availability.

Our progressive domestic service caters to individual homes and apartments with smaller-scale projects. We handle tasks like wiring installation, lighting, outlet installation, circuit repairs, and troubleshooting electrical issues within homes. Committed to safety and efficiency, we transition between tasks with ease, ensuring reliable solutions for all of your residential electrical needs.
Our commercial electrical services tackle larger and more intricate projects that are designed to meet the specific needs of a businesses and organisation. These include a range of settings such as office buildings, retail spaces, factories, and more. Our skilled commercial electricians adeptly manage electrical systems for lighting, HVAC, machinery, and data centres, showcasing an expertise in a variety of business operations.
When it comes to an office fit-out, we help plan and implement your unique and progressive electrical solutions. At Progressive Security & Electrical, we specialise in the seamless integration of electrical elements into your commercial interior. Our electricians prioritise careful planning and expert execution to ensure optimal functionality.
In any electrical project, lighting design stands out as one of the most important features. Achieving the ideal harmony between lighting and architecture offers unmatched effects. Our in-house lighting designs upholds the highest quality of standards, ensuring a perfect balance between the overall aesthetic and functionality of your space.
Within any building, the switchboard serves as the central hub where all electrical distributions converge. Understanding the pivotal role played by the switchboard, our electricians boast a track record of successfully executing superb switchboard upgrades and repairs.
Embarking on a renovation project? Our progressive team of local electricians are ready to assist! This service offers you the chance to incorporate additional electrical features or upgrades at an improved cost. Contact us now to enhance the value and functionality of your space today.

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Call us today for a non-obligation chat about our wide range of CCTV systems suited to your home.

One of our experts can come to you home, talk you through the range of systems, show you how they work and reccomend the best system based on your needs. We offer full support, 24 hour survalance options and a wide range of services tailored to your needs

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The preferred electricians for homes and businesses in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.
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Servicing Newcastle Lake Macquarie and The Hunter Valley Region

We service the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley Region residential, commercial and retail community with our renowned transparency, trust, quality and reliability.

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