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Electrician Explains What You Need To Know If You Are Renovating Your Bathroom

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There are a number of key things to look out for when renovating your bathroom from an Electricians point of view.

Newcastle electrician Morgan from Progressive Technical Group has seen his fair share of bathroom rewiring jobs and says there are a few key things to look out for when doing your research. “When Electricians are called in to do the job there is often very little left that we have to change from an electrical point of view.

Here Are The Top 5 Things to Consider

  1. Down Lights – If you plan on taking down spot lights or replacing them then Morgan recommends paying attention to how they were put up originally, as this could come in handy if anything goes wrong later on.
  2. Recessed Lights – If you are planning on going with recessed lights we would recommend getting an Electrician in to measure where they should go and mark out the locations first before removing any fixtures or fittings.
  3. Unlicensed Isn’t Cheaper – While putting lights into a bathroom is usually pretty straight forward Electricians have seen their fair share of problems when it comes time to take them back out again. It’s common for people to get someone in who isn’t licensed just because it’s easier and more convenient – I think Electricians see the results of this all too often, it’s not fun taking old light fittings out after someone has been ‘one fixing’ it.
  4. Planning – Electrician’s say planning is key to a successful bathroom rewiring job. Plan on how many fittings you need first, make sure you’ve got the right amount of lighting in terms of wattage and don’t skimp or try to cut costs when replacing or installing lights as they are easy to take out but next to impossible to put back in once taken out. You don’t want to be ripping out your Electricians work months or years down the track when you want to take something else out.
  5. Time To Replace? – If you’re having new fittings put in now is a good time to have old ones checked as well. It’s easy for us all to get distracted and let small things slip, so if you’ve had an Electrician install a new bathroom recently it’s worth checking all your other electrical equipment is up to scratch as well.

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