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Top 8 Things A Home Electrician Can Help With

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Here are the top ten things a home electrician can help with:

1. Fixing an outlet/switch or fuse box circuit problem. This is the most common thing that a home electrician does for people who live in their own homes.

2.Changing an outlet, switch or fixture. This is not as common but they get called to do this fairly regularly.

3. Installing new circuit breakers at the main electrical panel and adding more circuits to the house electrical service so that running more appliances is possible.

4. Replacing a home’s circuit breaker box with a newer type of electrical panel that uses breakers instead of fuses for protection from overloading circuits and getting too hot. 5. Installing electric heating systems in a house, or if the client lives in an apartment installing a tabletop space heater. If it is needed, then troubleshooting and making repairs to that unit too

6. Adding new ceiling light fixtures, adding new or replacing old wall outlet receptacles for plugs where there weren’t any before, and adding additional plug receptacle circuits where they are needed so lights can be plugged into them safely without risk of breaker tripping overloads on power surges. This often happens when some in-home electronics get added to the home such as flat screen TV’s, DVD/Blu-ray players with DVR capabilities, video game consoles with high end graphics and sound output stages running extra long HDMI cables, and home computers with extra long serial cables for connecting monitor and keyboard/mouse.

7. Installing or adding new wiring to a home for running more electricity through a single circuit than it was designed to carry when it was built or last updated. These are often needed in additions, basements, family rooms, sunrooms and outdoor patios for lighting, ceiling fans / outdoor fans on piers with light kits, water fountains with pump circuits and sometimes hot tubs if the breaker has been overloaded by bad design or installing too much stuff at once without thinking about what else will be on that same circuit later.

8. Work needed from damage caused by storms can include replacing damaged receptacles (which often means you need to replace the whole outlet box or switch plate and wire it back up the same way that it was before), replacing damaged switches, repairing broken light fixture chain wire so they can be re-hung on a ceiling fan for example, and testing to make sure that all circuits are working as intended after the storm passes through.

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