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What Electrical Work is Needed for a Kitchen Renovation?

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Kitchen renovations like bathroom renovations are one of the most sought out home upgrades in today’s market. What better way to keep your kitchen looking modern than a brand new renovation? While you may be looking forward to all the potential benefits, there is a very real possibility that this process can become quite costly, especially if you include any electrical work into your renovation plan.

Always check with an electrician to determine what electrical work will be needed and how extensive the renovations can be before you begin your project. What are the most common issues related to electricity when it comes to kitchen renovations?

1. If you are planning to add any additional circuits to your existing electrical system, this will need to be done by an electrician. You want to make sure there is enough capacity within your current system before beginning renovation work as well as during the project itself. Exceeding this capacity will automatically void your home warranty. What does this mean if you do exceed the capacity of your electrical system with renovations: Exceeding the capacity of your electrical system can cause fuses to blow and break in both your wall switches and in your main circuit breaker. What’s worse, you may not even know if this is occurring because there are no lights or outlets working at certain times.

2. Are you planning on adding any new appliances to your kitchen renovation project? What about attempting to upgrade any outlets or lighting fixtures already installed within the walls of your home? This will require more than just simple electrical upgrades.

3. Do you gave the correct sub panels and wiring in your home to handle the electrical load? What about the correct amount of electrical outlets – are there enough that work for you personally?

An electrician can help determine if what is needed within your existing electrical system will be able to support any added circuits or appliances during and after your renovation. This includes determining if all of your light fixtures and electrical outlets work correctly as well as whether they are properly grounded. What does this mean when it comes to safety: You might think it’s a simple matter of how many lights you have in your kitchen, but there is more going on than meets the eye.

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